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Software Engineering


FULL-STACK | Web | Desktop | Database | Custom

Solution Architecture, Desktop Applications, Web Services, Data Endpoints, Enterprise Solutions, Custom Programming

At Sift EHR, collectively, we have been making custom enhancements, data integrations, web services, and web applications along with developing enough applied solution architecture at the enterprise level to start creating our own products that you can use at your organization. We have been building our own solutions based on requests and real problems shared by our clients. We are ready and available to offer our solution architecture and development services to your organization for your next project. We have extensive experience making Windows desktop applications, installable Epic widgets and customizations, web applications, and native mobile development.

Need an Epic customization that you can rely on? We developed an ETL solution against Clarity that our customer needed to meet their business requirements; and when the customer turned to all their vendors, no solutions were offered - until they tried Sift. Combining Interconnect Web Service development with custom Chronicles development can expedite integration projects that may otherwise be at the mercy of EHR upgrade timelines. We have a graphic designer on hand to enhance your end user experience.

Consider us for your next large application development project.

Here is a small list of technologies in our toolbelt:
  • .NET Core + C#
  • Web Applications w/ .NET Core + Blazor
  • Web Applications w/ Ruby On Rails
  • Desktop Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Restfull Web Services with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Embeded Windows Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server and data tools
  • Enterpreise Solution Architecture

Official Services Offered

Web Application Development
FULL-STACK System Development
Desktop Application Development
Solution Architect
Enterprise Endpoint Development

EHR Integration


Epic | Clarity | Caché | Custom Embedded Micro-Applications

Clarity ETL, Interconnect Web Services, Caché development, Upgrades and More.

As a group of Ex-Epic employees we know electronic health systems and their related healthcare data inside and out. Our experience at Epic has led us to be the masters of all things Electronic Medical Record Systems and their accompanying tools. We even taught some of the classes at the Epic Training Center.

In our experience, nothing goes in or out of any EHR system the way you expect. Don’t reinvent the wheel with integrations. Collectively we span many Epic module certifications both application (Ambulatory, Inpatient) and technical (Interconnect Web Services, Cogito Chronicles Programmer). We have held positions ranging from Clarity ETL administrators and Clarity Report writers to Order Set optimization specialists.

As long serving Healthcare IT professionals we have helped healthcare organizations with all things data, upgrades, MU/MACRA/MIPS reporting, user provisioning, provider records, pay for performance, and security.

As software developers we have integrated our custom applications directly inside the Epic interface as well as linked to web apps using embedded browser windows within Epic. We have built live dashboards and applications that pull data directly out of the backend using the Interconnect web services, and even created patient facing iOS and Android mobile apps that push and pull data into Epic in real time securely. We are App Orchard members and have helped our clients with App Orchard solutions. There is no job too big or too small.

Here is a short list of the EHR integrations we provide:
  • Interconnect Web Services
  • Custom Integrated Web Services
  • Custom Caché Programming
  • Clarity ETL Administrator
  • Clarity Reporting
  • Reporting Workbench Extract Framework
  • Custom UI Screens within EMR
  • Custom Application Development
  • Uprades
  • 2-way Custom Bulk Data Loading
  • Security & User Provisioning

Official Services Offered

Interconnect Web Services
EHR customization programming
System conversions / EMPI cleanup
Provider specialty optimization
MU/MACRA/MIPS Implementation
Epic order set utilization review
EHR Implementation strategy planning
Upgrade planning / support
Connect infrastructure planning and implementation
Workflow optimization
User provisioning
Maintenance/support planning
Process Improvement
Project Management

Data Data Data


ETL | Reporting | Data Science | SSDT

Business Intelligence, Data warehouse, SQL/SQL/SQL, and More

At Sift EHR, collectively we have been working with data for over 40 years. Healthcare data is essential for every user and every system, from patient experience to provider insights we’ve sifted through a lot of data. We are comfortable working with data while it’s inside the EHR or outside, and we help develop and manage the ETL in between. We have built data warehouses, analytical models, web apps, and extensive BI dashboards.

As healthcare IT professionals we understand fundamentals of everything from data storage mechanics, data retrieval, and data generation methods including ETL, data warehousing, and reporting. As software engineers we have experience with building transactional systems, web apps, and user interface end points for any purpose. With our combined experience with Epic and other enterprise healthcare systems we have formed a team of highly experienced Business Intelligence analysts and developers who can solve any problem or build any data centric tool you need.

Here is our “short” list of mastered technologies:
  • Reporting Workbench
  • Microsoft Power BI Stack
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS)
  • Power Pivot
  • Power Query
  • Power View
  • Tableau
  • InterSystems Caché
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • And Much more

Official Services Offered

Epic Clarity ETL / Administrator / Reporting
Reporting and BI
Statistics / Predictive modeling / Machine Learning
Real-time data applications
Data warehousing / Business Intelligence development
Data Archiving
Application Sunsetting and Retirement
Data Cubes
Data Extraction
Dashboard Development